Aldebaran (Les mondes d')/Catastrophe (The)
Aldebaran (Les mondes d') tome 1  bd, Cinebook, bande dessinee
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Auteur(s) :LEO
Date de parution : 03/07/2008
Série : Aldebaran (Les mondes d')
Aldebaran en anglais
Tome : 1/2 - suivant

Prix : 15,00 EUR (98,39 F)
104 pages en couleur - Reliure brochée
18,4 x 25,8 cm.
Editeur : Cinebook
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Public : A partir de 15 ans (ado-adultes)
Genre : Science-Fiction/Anticipation
Planche : Aldebaran (Les mondes d') tome 1  LEO Cinebook, bd, bande dessinee
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Langue : Anglais

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In Aldebaran’s Worlds, you’ll live one of the most fantastic sagas ever written by man. The author tells the story of humanity’s first attempts to colonise distant planets. In their travels, Kim and his companions will encounter strange creatures and face the dangers of unknown worlds. They’ll witness the destruction caused by the madness of mankind. In the first album, Kim meets Mark, another teenager who has survived the annihilation of their village. Together they set out to find explanations for this terrible catastrophe...
This two-volume book includes “The Blonde.”
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